Happy New Year

Happy, Healthy & Hemp/CBD New Year!
With Love The Colliers
( Asia, Cierra, Cary & Kim )

Fasten your industrial hemp seat belts, 2019 will unleash seismic market changes for the hemp industry, and the humble & healing hemp plant!
With Farm Bill 2018 passed into law, the doors are open wide for hemp derived CBD and hemp products. Let’s grow wellness for people and planet with hemp!

CBD Beauty Buzz webinar welcomed over 650 registrations! WOW, thank you everyone! We enjoyed an in-depth discussion regarding offering hemp related products, common misconceptions, and what you and your staff need to know before introducing hemp derived CBD products & protocols into your business. Excited to share that Collier Concepts here help you along the way…

PS: If you missed this webinar, listen in, at your leisure, on demand here.

2019 will be an amazing year for the hearty hemp plant and its healing properties, starting with the main star ingredient of cannabidiol (CBD)!

Kim Collier, of Collier Concepts, is dedicated to you, your health and your business success as it relates to offering hemp derived experiences.

Upcoming in 2019 #CBDLounge Events, curated by Kim Collier of Collier Concepts. It is next level wellness education and team relaxation, you in?

Contact Kim Collier for #CBDLounge #ExperientialEducation event for your location, corporation, as well as CBD mentorship for high quality brands:

See below for a few good reads and resources related to CBD news.

To quote the motto from CBDExpo (a trade show to attend in 2019 ):

“It’s the right time, right now for CBD!”


Industry Leaders Reveal the Trends and Challenges in the Spa World in 2019 DAYSPA held a virtual discussion with seasoned veterans who’ve seen the industry through countless phases. Article includes contributions from Cierra Collier & Kim Collier of Collier Concepts.

Bringing a CBD Brand Into Your Spa? Read This. While the anecdotal evidence is certainly persuasive, research is necessary and forthcoming to truly understand the topical benefits of CBD products.

How Can CBD Help You? CBD Health and Wellness magazine focus is exclusively upon the sale, production, and research of CBD and other Cannabinoids. Drawing on experts from around the world, CBD Health and Wellness connects readers with qualified and accurate sources of information. Great resource!

Leafly – Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource. Check it out!

American Spa – American Spa Magazine explores everything CBD, with this special on-line section devoted to CBD.

Organic Spa Magazine – Organic Wellness Expert, Mary Beth Janssen, shares tips for “getting what you need from CBD.

Enjoy these reads, and most of all, a relaxing and wonderful 2019!

“In vetting CBD products, look for proof of the extraction process with third-party certification, sustainable packaging, a small carbon footprint, consumer education events with materials and samples provided, and vendor partners that help you stay ahead of the curve with staff training and webinars.”—Kim Collier


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