Earth Day, CBD & Healing for Humanity

Hello Everyone & Happy Hemp Earth Day!


With spring in the air, it is time for new beginnings, time to bloom!


The bloom on everyones mind seems to be CBD  or ‘cannabidiol’. The powerhouse hemp derived CBD molecule, found primarily in the bud of the industrial hemp plant, holds the highest content of CBD & phytocannabinoids.


As a result, hemp and its’ potent flower power are believed to bring healing, homeostasis & more. Check out this chart from Canada Hemp Foods>> What an amazing plant!


On this Earth Day, excited to share CBD education & a few flashcards from my presentation at International Congress of Esthetics & Spa in Philadelphia, April 2019.


Also enjoyed  The Spa Buzz and shared a brief “CBD + Tea” experiential education for attendees. The ultimate teatime!


Kim Collier is here to be your “CBD Assistant”, to guide venues and vendors to offer highest quality, vetted & lab tested CBD products & homeostasis healing experiences for ALL! #LetsChatCBD


We are standing at the intersection of a renaissance for Mother Nature and the abundant possibilities that industrial hemp and its 50,000 uses bring healing to the people and our planet.


In gratitude, thank you Mother Nature ~ you take good care of us, time to nurture you too!

CBD & Industrial hemp are a fine way to say “Happy Earth Day”!






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