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Collier Concepts, a “budding” multi generational family business focused upon wellness + hemp + sustainability

Collier Concepts seeks to align and define PLANeT based wellness concepts into spas, hospitality, education, product development and holistic health experiences.

We realize our higher purpose is being part of wellness and sustainability solutions for the near future, which starts now…

Current wellness financial trends:

$4.5 trillion global wellness economy as of 2019 (source: Global Wellness Institute)

$31.6 billion worldwide cannabis market by 2022 (source: Forbes)



About The Collier Family

The Colliers: Cary, Kim, Cierra Ayu, & Kiara Asia

We hope you enjoy the Collier Family PROJECT 5 inspirations and our Montana family movie.

Gratitude to GSN Planet for keeping us all connected and in community with sustainability at the helm.

Sending our best to wellness seekers around the world, we would love to hear from you! Let us know when you are headed to Montana, will meet you in Glacier National Park for a great hike followed by a cold plunge in a glacial lake!

The Collier Family’s top picks below.


1. Fly Fishing: Cary Collier | Baby Boomer

One of my happy places is fly fishing in a mountain river. The surrounding scenery, sounds and smells of nature are never less than beautiful. It is my haven for serenity and remedy for whatever life has gifted or challenged.

More than ever, outdoor spaces and time in nature spawn a wondrous variety of what we in our industry call ‘wellness immersion experiences.’

For young and old, go outside and play, be still, get dirty or just stop and be quiet, listen and let joy rush over and through you.

Perhaps fly fishing has saved my life…now I know it is not always catching the fish that I am after. Being in a river is sacred to me as if the soul of the earth needs quiet places as we do and a river is a fine choice.

Go find your river…

2. Kiss The Ground: Kim Collier | Baby Boomer

I have two girl crushes, besides our precious daughters…first, forever grateful for mother earth, and second, grateful for the hemp plant.

From fertile soil to feminized medicinal blooms to finished products yielding over 50,000 uses as food, fiber, medicine, fuel, built environment & more, hemp is a botanical wonder!

It is “Croptober” October harvest time, I have been volunteering on an organic hemp farm in Montana. As a “wannabe” ethnobotanist, honestly, all I remember from high school is the definition of photosynthesis : the process in which green plants make sugar and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water, in the presence of sunlight.

Years later, as a spa & wellness practitioner/educator & organic product aficionado, it is clear that photosynthesis, mother nature & plants are at the core of much-needed PLANeT Based Wellness.

For a soul happy dose of botanical possibilities, I highly recommend viewing the documentary “Kiss The Ground” on Netflix.

It is time to plant & work together, activate regenerative farming & living, action global sustainability solutions & deliver wellness for all.

Let us make the earth great again.



3. Adventure Beauty: Cierra Ayu Collier | GenY

Adventure beauty is putting a strengthening clear coat on your freshly clipped nails and bringing a curated collection of skincare with you into the backcountry.

There’s something special about heating up my face washing water on a backpacking stove and laying my face towel out to dry in the sun.

It is putting on sunscreen and blush even when you don’t have a mirror or reflective surface. It’s forgetting to take off all ten of your rings before you begin a rock climb…and doing it anyway! It brings me joy to combine my love for beauty and wellness with the beautiful backdrops of Montana and the West. Lovely juxtaposition.

As a cosmetologist, my product pick for PROJECT 5 is Eminence Skin Care, their sample sets are perfect for adventure beauty!


4. Life As Art: Kiara Asia Collier | GenZ

Something I always remind myself is to make life into a work of art. Where mistakes add more character, and expressing yourself is accepted and encouraged.

I study communication and am constantly working on some form of art, not just as a career or hobby, but a lifestyle. I have a strong desire to understand people, embrace diversity, and push my creative boundaries.

I believe whole-heartedly that life does imitate art. There is a certain wholesomeness that comes with each stepping stone of life when things as small as a conversation with a stranger can be shaped into inspiration.

Everything you do – each person you meet, each day you live, every choice you make, they are all additions to your masterpiece.

5. Live Long & Prosper: Star Trek

During “The Q 2020” we re-discovered Star Trek! May we all “boldly go where no one has gone before” & “live long and prosper”!

PLANeT-based Wellness Collaborations

Product Testing:
Stillwater Laboratories, a Montana based & PhD operated testing lab (ISO accredited + PFC Certified). Seed to sale hemp & cannabis testing = seed/clone + extracted raw material + retail *plant-based and cannabinoid panel for products. Kim Collier, Cannabis Wellness Advocate, working in collaboration with Stillwater Labs:  cbd@stwlabs.com


Sustainability: We support future-forward business concepts and products based upon over 50,000 uses of industrial hemp – the sky is the limit here!


Plant-based Wellness Product Reviews:  Have a hemp-based, green & sustainable plant-based product or material for review? Open to all product categories, as they relate to the wellness industry & a healthy lifestyle. This option involves The Collier Family multi-gen review and potential product share with our wellness community.

Vendor partners seeking spa, wellness, hospitality channel opportunities, connect with Kim to discuss Collier Concepts portfolio of plant-based wellness products & possibilities: kim@collierconcepts.com


Experiential Education: For your wellness programming or private parties, let’s plan a plant-based experiential education event with a focus on raw materials (not branded) or branded products* (3rd party independent lab tested/vetted) for public & private gatherings. Raise the bar with science-based “Plant-based healing, Spas & Wellness” classes, workplace wellness programs, and more.  Available in individual modules, private sessions or full-day programs on location.



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