Collier Concepts Welcomes Daughters to Wellness Consultancy Firm

AMERICAN SPA MAGAZINE - by Victoria Martinez


Collier Concepts, founded by husband and wife team Cary and Kim Collier in 1998 and formerly known as Collier & Colliers Spas, has embraced 2018 by welcoming its newest partners, their daughters Cierra Ayu and Kiara Asia. The family has come together to discover what is new in today’s spa marketplace that will attract every generation. The new partners will help relaunch the firm in a way that attracts millennials and members of Gen Z, specifically with a focus on sustainability.

“You really can’t put a label on the possibilities for design when it comes to cultivating health and happiness for the next generations,” says Cary Collier, cofounder of Collier Concepts. “What we’re aiming to do with the relaunch of Collier Concepts is to focus on sustainable solutions for a healthy future—for both the planet and for people who seek well-being.”

The daughters have been traveling alongside their parents for years to Bali and beyond, which they will use to develop ideas from across the globe that will benefit the firm and the client’s they will represent. The duo, who are passionate about a number of wellness initiatives including gemstone healing, botany, mountain climbing, and even photography, will also be involved in the firm’s digital marketing efforts. Cierra will bring her experience from the Aveda Institute where she studied cosmetology before becoming a licensed cosmetologist in Oregon and Montana. Kiara will study art and anthropology in college later this year.

“These next family chapters of Collier Concepts are very exciting and will keep us connected in creative ways that make a difference,” says Kim, cofounder of Collier Concepts. “We laugh a lot and love to bring the fun!”


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