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Collier Concepts, a “budding” family business focused upon wellness + hemp + sustainability

As consultants, we source, connect and network for the legal hemp industry, in all sectors. Collier Concepts seeks to align  and define PLANeT  based wellness concepts into spas, hospitality, education, product development and holistic health experiences.

We realize our higher purpose is being part of wellness and sustainability solutions for the near future, which starts now…

Current wellness financial trends:

$4.5 trillion global wellness economy as of 2019 (source: Global Wellness Institute)

$31.6 billion worldwide cannabis market by 2022 (source: Forbes)


Stay at home…and study…

“Green Flower Programs use state of the art e-learning technology to give you the knowledge and skills needed to enter into or advance in the cannabis industry.” – Green Flower

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PLANeT-based Wellness Collaborations

Product Testing:
Stillwater Laboratories, a Montana based & PhD operated testing lab (ISO accredited + PFC Certified). Seed to sale hemp & cannabis testing = seed/clone + extracted raw material + retail *plant-based and cannabinoid panel for products. Kim Collier, Cannabis Wellness Advocate, working in collaboration with Stillwater Labs:  cbd@stwlabs.com


Sustainability:  Future forward business development concepts based upon over 50,000 uses of industrial hemp, sky is the limit here! Lets chat!


Plant-based Wellness Product Reviews:  Have a hemp based, green & sustainable plant-based product or material for review? Open to all product categories, as they relate to the wellness industry & healthy lifestyle. This option involves The Collier Family multi-gen review and potential product share with our wellness community.

Vendor partners seeking spa, wellness, hospitality channel opportunities, connect with Kim to discuss Collier Concepts portfolio of plant-based wellness products & possibilities : kim@collierconcepts.com


Experiential Education: For your wellness programming or private parties, lets plan a  plant-based experiential education events with a focus on raw materials (not branded) or branded products* (3rd party independent lab tested/vetted) for public & private gatherings. Raise the bar with  science-based “Plant-based healing, Spas & Wellness” classes, workplace wellness programs, and more.  Available in individual modules, private sessions or full-day programs on location.

Pictured above: In 2018, Kim returned to Four Seasons Resorts Jimbaran & Sayan, Bali, Indonesia, where Kim & Cary Collier began their work in South East Asia in 1990. Humbled to be part of pre-opening spa consulting teams to design spa experiences based upon traditional plant based healing & cultural wisdom.

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